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Help for Mankato guest covers landscape

Luther Mankato Honda

A bad car accident that left one of salesman Aaron Cotton’s guests partially paralyzed eight years ago led to a chain of events that prompted Cotton and his coworkers at Mankato Honda to lend a hand.

Suffering from brain injuries and using a cane, everyday tasks had become difficult for his guest, Rachel, Cotton explained.  She has three children.

Rachel was trading in a newer Honda Accord she had saved for and purchased from Cotton last year, in return for an older vehicle and some cash.

He learned that some financial troubles had come her way, and she was selling the car to get cash to landscape her yard.  “She was embarrassed about how it looked, but she couldn’t get out there to do it herself,” he said.

Seeing the need, he quickly crafted a plan: find coworkers to fix up the yard, build the team in the process and “pay it forward.”  Cotton approached Rachel in the finance office with the idea.  “She was at a loss for words and teary eyed, as no one had been willing to help her like this,” he said.

The salesman assembled a crew of 10, nine of them coworkers, to knock out the job on a Sunday.  Rachel was overwhelmed.

“I can’t stop looking at how amazing it turned out!” she said in a text message.

Cotton said the work likely saved Rachel a couple thousand dollars and the group was honored to be a part of it.

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