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Helton Cerquiera

It has been about a month since we purchased a Ford Flex (2011) from your shop … We have waited this long to see if the car would be good for us. After over 1,000 miles … we are pleased to say the Flex is working wonderfully … But what I really want you to know is what a remarkable person you have in sales of used vehicles.  I worked with Helton Cerqueira from the beginning to the end of the sale. In between I brought a mechanic from (another dealership) to test drive the vehicle with me. He noted that the car performed well, was responsive, seemed to be mechanically in good shape, and would be a good purchase. He also remarked about the salesperson I worked with, Helton. He indicated that Helton did not “push” the sale, that he seemed to have a great deal of integrity, and that he was a joy to work with. I would certainly affirm all of that and more! Helton listened carefully about our needs, our desire in a car, our hope that the car would last long in spite of its mileage, and was always polite and honest. Who can ask for anything more? He helped to make a difficult decision much easier … Thank you again for having Helton on your staff. He is an amazing guy.

Ruth and Robert B.



Duane Thompson, Kellie Thielke

I had no idea what I wanted to buy when I went into the dealership but sales and leasing consultant Duane Thompson was helpful in my process of narrowing things down. Once I found the car for me, I immediately test drove it and soon after, the paperwork process began.  The staff was very friendly, knowledgable, and worked hard to get me what I wanted, as fast as possible. It was a wonderful and easy experience.

via DealerRater


McKenzie Kozoglu

Today was my first visit ever to Hudson Chrysler.  Mackenzie in service took excellent care of me today, and I left feeling appreciated.  She was very genuine and cared about my patronage.  A nice experience!  I will definitely be back for my next service or warranty work.  I have driven GM trucks and cars for 30-plus years, and now own a 2015 Chrysler 200C. It’s my first MOPAR ever– 4,500 miles, and, so far, I really like the car.

Terry B.


Pia Vang

This morning I brought my new Subaru in to have the rims cleaned of residue that protected them from shipping.  Mr. Pia Vang inspected the car, while in his suit and on his hands and knees, and-immediately took the car to be cleaned.  When it was brought back, Mr. Vang was not completely satisfied, again inspecting it in his suit and cleaning areas, and sent it back for further attention.  When he was satisfied, he then had the car washed and delivered it to me.  It is this type of effort that makes an employee valuable and worthy of rewards like “Employee of the Month,” or some such reward.  And, to top this off he was not my salesperson who sold me the car.

Remy B.

Seth Vander Loop

Thank you for playing such a wonderful role in our exciting journey to buy a new car.  You were knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating from the start.  The process was pretty much stress free as a result of your constant support and willingness to work around our schedule.  It was nice to know that our needs were met and that we can continue to depend on your assistance as we start to enjoy our new Subaru Crosstrek.  We will definitely encourage family and friends that are in the market for a Subaru to get in touch with you, because we know they will receive excellent guest service.

Colleen and Alex


Ryan Brody

Two years ago, I brought my 2002 Toyota Camry XLE to your Plymouth location for repairs after a very serious accident.  I was very pleased with the work.  Earlier this year, my car sustained bumper damage.  I took my car to Luther Collision, this time in Bloomington, and again, I was very pleased with the service I received.  My service manager was Ryan Brody and he called me every day to update me on my car’s status.  I continue to love my Luther Toyota Camry and continue to look forward to driving it for many more years.  If it needs future collision or glass work, I will bring it to a Luther Collision shop.

Jody C.P.

Adam Schlichting, Erik Forsberg

I hate car shopping, it’s one of my least favorite things. When I walked into Luther everyone was incredibly friendly, and not in the “please buy a car from me right now,” kind of way. There were no vultures swooping down. They let me dictate what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. There was zero arrogance, and they never made me feel stupid. The key was that I was in control the whole time, and they helped me. It was a complete low pressure approach.  I got a great car lease that I am very happy with. Everything has been what they said it would be– nothing hidden, no gimmicks.  I would deal with these guys again in a second.          pakkala888, via DealerRater


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