The Luther Automotive Group

Dunwoody auto body students get healthy industry close-up

Dunwoody visits Luther Collision & Glass

Manager John Krostag at Luther Collision and Glass in Plymouth answers questions and shares his industry expertise with students and instructor Bruce Graffunder from Dunwoody College of Technology.

Aluminum welding was one topic of discussion during a visit from Dunwoody College of Technology students to Luther Collision and Glass in Plymouth.

A weld on a threaded stud at the center of an car panel dent helps technicians to save metal panels that once had to be replaced, explained Collision and Glass Manager John Krostag.  Heat is applied between 400 and 450 degrees but must remain below 570.  “These guys love this machine,” he said, noting that it’s important to have the right tools to perform jobs safely.

Krostag said that once Luther Auto sells a car, it’s the beginning of creating a guest for many other services.  “If you get into an accident, we bring it here for you.  We just do it all so it’s pretty cool,” he said.dunwoody_col_glass2-web
Dunwoody auto body instructor Bruce Graffunder said students witnessed a well-run and well equipped facility where employees do their jobs well and produce quality repairs.  Impressed by what they saw and heard, the experience made them more excited about working in the collision industry, he explained.  That’s important, Graffunder said, because it helps them to see the big picture and hang in there when going to school and working part-time seem difficult.

“The students loved it– the informational session, the entire facility tour, the equipment highlights and everything else,” said Graffunder.  Entertaining the prospect of working at a modern facility, and seeing former Dunwoody students on the job were an added benefit.

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