The Luther Automotive Group

Detailer rallys for cause

Kevin Tran’s daily driver, a Mazda 3, at left, served as a rally machine in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

The scenic roads of the Smokey Mountains came calling for rally driver and detailer Kevin Tran at Luther Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge, who entered his street machine in Rally North America.

Rallys are automobile competitions using public roads and ordinary traffic rules with the object of

Detailer Kevin Tran

Detailer Kevin Tran

maintaining a specified average speed between checkpoints over a route unknown to the participants until the start of the event.

“It was very scenic there.  The roads were very windy– it’s just fantastic.”

He also raised a small portion of the $120,000 given to Hope for the Warriors, a support program for service members, vets and their families.  Friends, family and coworkers contributed.

In this year’s scavenger hunt style road rally, Tran got sidetracked after losing his cell phone signal, but managed to finish.  The event is not a race, and has strict rules about speeding and other laws.

Tran got into the sport after following YouTuber David Patterson, and drove his first rally in 2014, the Ohio Valley 700.

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