The Luther Automotive Group

Dumping put area ballfields at risk, Luther coordinates response, cleanup


Illegal dumping and vandalism at some secluded little league ball fields in Brooklyn Center were more than a small nonprofit group could handle, so area companies stepped in.

Construction debris, concrete and stumps made for a messy site, said Luther Auto Property Manager Linda McGinty.  She asked the company’s construction partners what they could do to improve the situation, and several responded.

Another group was heading up the debris removal, so Luther found additional ways it could assist through its contractors and subcontractors.  If left unattended, the dumped materials had the potential to generate brook-ctr-little-league-1-webfines for the nonprofit Brooklyn Center Little League.

Luther partner D.J. Kranz construction removed debris from the wetland area and furnished about 25 gallons of paint for the buildings, explains Project Manager Dan Reckard.  It also installed a chain gate to control access and deter future dumping on part of the property and replaced a damaged door on the concessions building.

ACE Electric was set to install LED lamps to discourage illegal activity, and Floyd Security was working on a system to help protect the fields as was Slade Security.  And, some commercial kitchen equipment was provided for the concessions building, including a refrigerator and a deep fat fryer.

“They all very willingly stepped up to the plate,” said McGinty.


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