The Luther Automotive Group

Kudos to sales leaders

Photo by Ken Lovely

Luther Auto recognized the top 25 salespeople by volume for new and used vehicles at a dinner event.

“It’s nice to know that people appreciate it, all that work,” said Linda Radue with Burnsville Volkswagen.  Honors for Top Overall Sales ended in a tie between Rob Hudson and Radue, with 450 units each.

The highest volume new and used car salespeople were Nash Tawfeek and Bobby Scala, respectively.  Victor Wiley, with Brookdale Chrysler, is Rookie of the Year.

Luther’s Top 25 for new and used car sales

Top overall sales
Rob Hudson, Hudson Chrysler
Linda Radue, Burnsville Volkswagen

Top new sales
Nash Tawfeek, Brookdale Honda

Top used sales
Bobby Scala, Westside Volkswagen

Additional top 25 sales consultants
David Warner, Brookdale Chevrolet
Pat Riestenberg, Brookdale Chevrolet
Brian Halford, Brookdale Chrysler
Chris Neis, Brookdale Honda
Toua Yang, Brookdale Toyota
Tom French, Cambridge Motors
Wes Gauer, Hopkins Honda
Lee McIntosh, Luther Family Ford
Michael Kelly, Luther Nissan Kia
Igor Tennenbaum, Luther Nissan Kia
Scott Holerud, Luther Nissan Kia
Rick Leyse, North Country Ford
Tim Angell, North Country Ford
Geoff Knapp, North Country Ford
Dee Coghill, North Country Ford
Bill DeVries, Rudy Luther Toyota
Peter Perry, Rudy Luther Toyota
Dan Thai, Rudy Luther Toyota
Chad Williams, Rudy Luther Toyota
Helton Cerqueria, Westside Volkswagen
Myron Gayles, White Bear Acura

Rookie of the Year
Victor Wiley, Brookdale Chrysler

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