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School work program comes to RLT

Cashier Jennifer Sinchi, left, has helped high school junior Jordan Maldonado to perform well at the customer counter.


It can get hectic at one of Luther Auto’s busiest cashier counters, where high school junior Jordan Maldonado is on the receiving end of a real business education.

Maldonado is the first student from Cristo Rey High School in Minneapolis to work inside a Luther cristo-rey4-webdealership.  Those who went before him had home office duties at Motors Management, but this is much different– offering interactions with customers, new time pressures and face-to-face customer service.

“I try to give them the best experience,” Maldonado said.  That includes getting guests on their way as quickly as possible.  “Working here has helped me build my social skills, as well.”

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Office Manager Katie Anderson finds her only male cashier to be helpful when she’s short-staffed, and he’s trained as a receptionist, too.  His work on Thursdays helps pay for school tuition, but Maldonado saw an opportunity to go further.  He applied separately for a Saturday shift, and was hired.

A welcoming environment is what the high-schooler and youngest RLT employee found here, one where he said he didn’t feel awkward.  Sometimes, he’s the fifth cashier on the line at busy times.

Some assume all young people are computer whizzes, but Maldonado said part of the position was more complex than expected.  “I was learning new things every day.”

He was paired up with cashier Jennifer Sinchi on a “buddy” team.

Anderson said he has the same capability to make decisions as the full-time cashiers.  “He catches onChRae_one-web to things really easily, and he’s good to work with,” Anderson said.  Maldonado had already gained experience in an office environment with two other employers, as Cristo Rey students start working part-time in their freshman year.

He said he looks forward to work.  “Out of all the jobs, this is the best one.  It’s a great environment.”
He hopes to pursue a career in interior architecture, and is considering classes at Dunwoody College of Technology.

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