The Luther Automotive Group

group news: new Infiniti, Brookdale VW; remodels, additions

A rendering of the new Infiniti of Bloomington building, which will bring a suspended appearance and “glass sail” elements to motorists on Interstate 35W.

A rendering of the new Infiniti of Bloomington building, which will bring a suspended appearance and “glass sail” elements to motorists on Interstate 35W.

Even as the deep freeze set in, Luther Auto was making solid progress with new store construction and remodeling projects.

New Infiniti
Near Interstate 35W, Infiniti of Bloomington is building a new store to replace its current facility at 81st Street and Humboldt Avenue South.

Situated just north of the current building, the new store doubles Infiniti’s interior space to more than 30,000 square-feet, explains Linda McGinty, who manages properties for Luther Auto.  A “glass sail” is a highlight.  The structure will appear to be suspended, a view that drivers will see from the freeway.

The current Infiniti structure traces its roots to a carpet store in the 1950s or early 60s, said GM Mark Anderson.  And, area Honda, Acura and Subaru stores each got their start here before Infiniti came in 1991.

A long awaited service drive and car wash will help make it a highline showcase store, with the best customer and employee amenities, McGinty said.

Westside refreshed inside
Westside Volkswagen in St. Louis Park received a major interior remodeling on the front end, which now features an archway at the back of the show floor.  A more

Westside VW remodel

Westside VW removed a primary wall and supports in its showroom to meet manufacturer design standards, creating a more open area. The modern store first opened in 2004.

open inside look was created, with better access to sales managers, reconfigured finance offices,  new service advisor stations, power glass doors and other functional improvements were made, McGinty explained.

Hopkins Honda shop expands
As Westside got front end changes, another large store got a big bump in the back.  Hopkins Honda added to the rear of its building, increasing the size of its shop by 12 stalls, some of them for quick lube services.  Upgrades to the customer lounge are also being made and the drive aisle received new high speed doors.  Hopkins will mark 10 years in its larger store in October.
Hudson Chev celebrates

Saluting its major remodeling, Luther Hudson Chevrolet GMC hosted an open house event with a 2015 NASCAR Chevy Impala, dirt track simulator car and other

NASCAR machine at Hudson Chev

A 2015 NASCAR Chevrolet Impala was brought in from North Carolina for Hudson Chev’s event.

attractions.  GM Tim Jubie said the store had a growth rate of nearly 28 percent in 2014.  The goal and practice here is to treat guests like family, he explains.  “We want them to know that what you say and what you do are never going to be compromised,”  he said.
Brookdale VW underway
Luther’s largest grouping of stores will soon welcome a new building for Luther Brookdale Volkswagen in Brooklyn Center. The former Brookdale Honda site will see Volkswagen’s familiar “white frame” design that is used by Burnsville VW, but Brookdale will be about 10,000 square-feet smaller, said McGinty.  Capacity will nearly double that of the current VW store, she said.
Brookdale VW has garnered some big kudos of late, achieving 12th place in the U.S. for VW sales and service satisfaction, said GM Jim Baldwin.



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