The Luther Automotive Group

Employee anniversaries

Saluting our long term employees who marked a major anniversary in the third or fourth quarter of 2014

35+ Years

Dean Hurd,   Luther Automotive Services
George Johnson,  Brookdale Toyota
Joseph Knapp, Westside Volkswagen
Dan Pederson,  Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Michael Prok,  Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
James Rennich,  Brookdale Honda
Kenneth Stewart,  Brookdale Toyota


30+ Years

Roger Anderson, Westside Volkswagen
Steven Campbell, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Richard Hill,  Brookdale Toyota
Charles Hirt, Brookdale Toyota
Irene Jennrich, Motors Management
Kenneth Lentz, Park Place Motors
Paul Palan, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Larry Schwartz, Hopkins Honda
Stephen Thorne,  Brookdale Toyota


25+ Years

Joseph Alexander, Brookdale Toyota
Jeremy Brisbin, Brookdale Toyota
John Leo, Hopkins Honda


20+ Years

Joseph Alexander, Brookdale Toyota
Jeremy Brisbin, Brookdale Toyota
John Leo, Hopkins Honda

15+ Years

Robert Benson, Park Place Motors
Robert Cornell, Luther Nissan Kia
Todd Diedrich, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Howard Emery, Brooklyn Park Collision & Glass
Caroline Engfer, Infiniti of Bloomington
Andrew Gadient, Motors Management
Kennedy Hofmann, Rudy Luther Toyota
Daniel Isaak, Rudy Luther Toyota
Arden Jedlicka, Park Place Motors
Robert Jenkins, Park Place Motors
Mark Jerikovsky, Luther Nissan Kia
Conley Johnson, Hopkins Honda
Kelly Johnson, White Bear Acura Subaru
Connie Kallstrom, Burnsville Volkswagen
Eric Loney, Westside Volkswagen
Michael Mueller, North Country Ford
Robert Olin, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Gary Peterson, Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi
David Price, Hopkins Honda
Shane Stegeman, Brookdale Honda
Nash Tawfeek, Brookdale Honda
Joshua Tousignant, Brookdale Toyota


10+ Years

Travino Allen, Westside Volkswagen
Lisa Amelsberg, Rudy Luther Toyota
Brett Baird, Brookdale Volkswagen
James Baldwin, Jr., Brookdale Volkswagen
Brennan Bastolich, Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Mark Beithon, Rudy Luther Toyota
Brendan Bellew, Burnsville Volkswagen
Derek Berczyk, North Country Ford
Adam Bistodeau, Luther Nissan Kia
Daniel Bjerke, Luther Family Buick
Jodi Brossard, Park Place Motors
William Bush II, Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Cheng Cha, Hopkins Honda
Jason Curtis, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Richard Eiss, Rudy Luther Toyota
Zachary Engelke, Infiniti of Bloomington
Kenneth English, Minneapolis Fiat
Jon Erickson, Burnsville Volkswagen
Colin Graham, Hopkins Honda
Mark Gray, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Charles Guptill, Westside Volkswagen
Michael Halle, North Country Ford
Stacy Hassler, Rudy Luther Toyota
Ryan Hodgson, Luther Family Ford
James Jermstad, Luther Family Buick
Robert Kaehn, Plymouth Collision & Glass
Heidi Kelley, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Scott Kennedy, St. Cloud Honda
Chris Killeen, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Jennifer Larson, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Dung Le, Burnsville Volkswagen
Wesley Littler, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Jacob Magnuson, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Dee Mead, Rudy Luther Toyota
Paul Neubrand, Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Lyle Nix, Rudy Luther Toyota
Robert Norwick, Luther Nissan Kia
Rosalie Riley, Rudy Luther Toyota
Mark Sauer, Luther Nissan Kia
Bryce Urness, Fargo Collision & Glass
Richard Westlund, Westside Volkswagen
Kenneth Wilcox, Brookdale Toyota
Martin Wojciechowski, Motors Management

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