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Top Toyota ASE tech in U.S.


Master Diagnostic Technician John Sloan said he didn’t want to retire “just getting by and doing the easy stuff.”  Sloan was recently named the top Toyota ASE technician in the nation.

That’s no small feat.  The Rudy Luther Toyota & Scion employee tested at the top among all Automotive Service Excellence certified techs, those who have achieved the widely held industry standard for professionalism.

A walking Toyota encyclopedia, he’s a resource other techs can approach with tough car questions.

Watch the video

Sloan earned Master Diagnostic Technician status about 10 years ago, when it was first offered.  He does everything the shop can do, but drivability challenges, noises, check engine warnings, entertainment system problems and other complex issues are his specialities.  Complexity just drives him to dig deeper.

“Nothing seems to rattle him when it comes to problems,” said Master Technician Andy Hanks.  “He already knows what the fix is.  I think he would surprise a lot of engineers who went to school for years.  He’ll just smile and say ‘go check this,’ and he’s right.”

The quality of Toyotas captured Sloan’s attention at age 18.  He’s been at RLT for 38 years.  John Sloan at work

His advice to new techs is to take a logical approach, and to get as much information as they can.  “Read everything you can find.  Take the classes.”

One of the most satisfying things is fixing a problem car that’s been to multiple shops.  “You feel like you’ve accomplished something, no doubt,” he said.

More information on ASE awards.

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