The Luther Automotive Group

Techs mentored for long term Luther careers


Several promising entry level technicians are now receiving substantial mentoring from masters of their trades.

Apprentice body technician Francisco Amaya was at the top of his class at Wyotech, a highly regarded tech school, and now works closely with Master Technician Larry Larson, a 25-year industry veteran at Luther Collision and Glass in Plymouth.

Amaya repairs all makes and models, and says Larson’s help has been invaluable.  “I learn so much every day with him.  It’s awesome,” he said.


Larson seems to enjoy his role.  “He has the enthusiasm and excitement to do a good job and learn about the new cars,” Larson said.

Another WyoTech grad is apprentice technician Halyn Lipps at Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis.  He interacts with several master techs, and was able to assemble and install an engine with minimal help.

Halyn Lipps, Jaguar Land Rover

Halyn Lipps, Jaguar Land Rover

“It’s a faster and a more intense learning curve,” he said.  “I’m always looking for something that challenges me as a tech, that challenges my brain and makes me have to think on things.”

If you know someone who would be a good fit for our industry, please email Human Resources at or click here.


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