The Luther Automotive Group

We ask employees

If you could spend your summer vacation anywhere, where would it be?

“Jamaica.  It just sounds like a fun place.  Good eating.”

Eric Rowell, Sales Associate

Brookdale Buick GMC


“I’ve been to Hawaii.  I’d probably go back to Europe.  I love London.  I took a trip to Europe  when I was 15, did London, Scotland, Amsterdam.  In London, I really like the culture there, people who live there not the big ‘touristy’ stuff.’  I’d go to pubs, coffee shops, ride the underground around.”

Amy Volle, Receptionist

Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi


“I’ve always wanted to take a trip out to Seattle, then up to Anchorage.  I’ve barely been out of Minnesota my whole life.  It’s on my bucket list.”

Dan Gellerman, Runner

Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge


“Crandon, Wis., in Forest County, the largest county in Wisconsin without a red and green stoplight.  There’s an off-road racing track.  My wife and kids go boating and four-wheeling.”

Bob Avery, Sales Associate

Rudy Luther’s Toyota Scion

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