The Luther Automotive Group

Once upon a time in summer….

A technician on his way to work at Bloomington Acura Subaru and was startled to hear some unusual quacking and peeping.  He discovered that a mother duck was trying to reach her baby ducks that ducklings-webhad gotten lost in the storm sewer.  He summoned help from his dealership and they got help from the Bloomington public works department and police department to help them rescue the ducks and to redirect traffic so that the chicks and the momma duck would be saved.  At the urging of one very motherly employee, they did not give up the challenge of rescuing the ducks the entire day.  Eventually the mother duck ran away and seven baby chicks were rescued by using a net and the ingenuity of seven Bloomington Acura Subaru employees;   One baby chick was nowhere to be found.  The very emotional employee packed up all the chicks and brought them to her neighbor to be raised in his safe neighborhood pond … and they lived happily ever after.      The End.

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