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Hobby farm opens neighborly doors

They were seeking peace and quiet so they moved to Wyanett, Minnesota in the middle of winter, to 20 acres and a 118-year-old farm house.  Without cell phone service, cable TV and emergency sirens, they only had each other and eight chickens to talk to.  They definitely found peace and quiet.

After 29 years of marriage, Phil Jeglosky, sales manager at Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi, and his jablosky--farm2-webwife, Michelle, acted on their desire to live in the country.   They found the farm on the Internet, a fixer-upper at a low price, visited, and in just a few days made the purchase.

“We love it here,” said Phil. “Our kids, Madison and Steven, think it is really neat.”  Moving in the middle of winter, with the closest neighbors a half mile and two miles away, Michelle baked scones and muffins and left packages on their neighbors’ doorsteps.

Jeglosky grew up in a rural area where they were on a five-party phone line, with no neighbors.  His wife grew up in the city but loves animals.  For safety, they rely on the help of neighbors, get radio weather reports and depend on a landline phone.

They stripped the historic farmhouse to the bare floors and walls, removing carpet, paneling and wallpaper.  The original window panes are thick and full of air bubbles.  Since all the hardware and appliances were removed, from light fixtures to sinks, they focused on antiques.  A 100-year-old kitchen table and late 1800s side table look right at home.

A storm last year brought a tree down on their house but a neighbor soon arrived with equipment to remove it.  No questions asked, no payment needed, just the neighborly thing to do.  Another storm last winter left them stranded, 360 feet from their house with a broken snowblower and tractor.  Eventually a local farmer saved the day with a massive plow.

A horse and cow are in Michelle’s plans, and possibly a joint alpaca farm with a neighbor.  The initial eight chickens were cut to four by an overnight predator, requiring that a chicken coop and runway be built over the weekend. “We are at nature’s mercy,” said Jeglosky.

His tip for others planning a move: sell your current house first.  “It is a challenge with two mortgage payments.” jablosky--farm-web

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