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guests appreciate Luther staff

Service department staff

This past week we were provided with exceptional service at North Country … and we truly appreciate it.  We are highly pleased with the professional manner in which you handled the situation with our moving truck.  You not only helped in finding the necessary parts, but also inspected and hand delivered them to Duluth for us, something you had no obligation to do.  You have made raving fans out of us and we greatly value what you have done.  You can be sure that we will continue to do business with North Country Ford for years to come.  Please share and enjoy these pizzas!

Team Firnstahl Real Estate Services



Mark Green, Aaron Burr

The reviews for this dealership are really what made up my mind to go there. This was my first time buying an actual reliable car that wasn’t $500 … Mark Green is the salesman who helped me. He was so nice and funny and not pushy at all. He showed me right away exactly what I was looking for, a 2014 Hyundai Accent GLS, and didn’t mind me getting a little squealy with excitement. The whole process was explained and Aaron Burr, the man who helped me finance, was also very nice and patient and explained everything. They really made me feel like my wants and opinions mattered and took the time to explain everything. They made sure all my questions were answered and even gave me a means of contact in case I had more questions. It was a great experience and a fantastic dealership. All the reviews made my mind up about this dealer so I wanted to make sure people know how great they really are as well.

Charyse E.


Tom Carrier

We were looking to downsize our vehicle as we are journeying down our next path in life. Tom Carrier was wonderful to work with and assisted us in accomplishing this part of our dream. Thank you Tom! What a wonderful person you are!

John S.


Brooklyn Park Staff

I was very satisfied with the entire experience. My truck looked great and was done when they said it would be. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly and professional. Imagine my surprise when I saw how clean the truck was when I picked it up. Now that is going the extra mile! I was very pleased and would absolutely recommend the work that they do and the service that they provide.
Jim H.
via Google Reviews



Eric Jensen

… A great experience! Very friendly, pressure free atmosphere. Eric was very knowledgeable about all the cars on the lot and could easily explain differences in car packages. He found out exactly what we were looking for and helped us make our selection that fit our budget. He did not try and oversell his product. We received fair trade-in prices … Eric took his time explaining our new vehicle and all of its awesome features. He was very friendly and honest in his answers. Eric also ensured that if we weren’t satisfied with any part of our experience, to simply tell him and he would make it right. Eric worked very hard for us the entire time at the dealership. It really felt like Eric was working for us with honesty and loyalty. I have full confidence that Eric took great care of me and I can always return to him with questions. He ensured me that he’s going to be by my side the entire time I own this car and not just the day I buy it. I feel very confident in my purchase and confident in the choice of dealerships. Thank you, Eric Jensen.
Taryn R.
via DealerRater

Service Department

Good morning.  All of you are familiar with who I am and my vehicle, the 2010 Terrain.  It seems to be running well … I wanted to share something with you to give you insight into being a customer at a car dealership.  You have to remember no one likes to get their car fixed and our first thoughts are that it will be a huge bill.  As a woman, it is even more frightful because you have no idea how an engine works.  The balancing act you do is quite amazing.  Making eye contact and being up front about everything helps in the process.  My life for the last 3 years has been in a whirlwind, to say the least, with last year hitting bottom …  I have a new job, but it is tentative because the division up here isn’t doing well.  Change is the only constant thing in life and you have to be on your toes at all times.  I’ve cried in front of a few of you when life just got so overwhelming and all of you were so warm and helpful.  You never know what someone is going through.  I want to thank you all for being a “friend” to me and for caring about me and my situation enough to help me through some pretty tough times.  You all deserve a hug and more because you really are a great team; cherish that!  From my heart,
Anne S.


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