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Fiat store welcomes Alfa Romeo, award, new spots

There’s a lot happening at Fiat of Minneapolis in St. Louis Park, which recently celebrated its grand Alfa-Romeo-logo-webopening and anxiously awaits the addition of another Italian nameplate, Alfa Romeo, in January.

In the middle of September, the Alfa Romeo 4C will first appear at Fiat of Bloomington, retailing for around $70,000.  It will likely carry the flagship banner for the two Italian marques and Luther’s two Fiat stores will be the only Minnesota franchises.

In time, Alfa Romeo is expected to be double the size of Fiat in the U.S., with twice as many models and twice the sales, explains General Manager Doreen Fischer.

Not to be outdone, Fiat of Minneapolis is running new television ad spots, following an award winning ad that ran earlier this year.  Watch the ads on

The Minneapolis store just off Highway 100 held a grand opening event, with an invitation titled, “A Little alfa_romeo_4c_2-webItaly has moved to St. Louis Park.”

“Not a detail was overlooked,” said Linda McGinty in property management with Luther Auto, who complimented Fischer’s work on the celebratory event.

Enhancements are also underway for the Alfa Romeo franchise in Bloomington.


Fiat’s award winning advertisement:

Another Fiat ad:

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