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Exceptional Employee: planner and shuttle driver proves invaluable at RL

Enthusiasm and thoroughness have been applied to each New Owner Clinic at Rudy Luther’s Toyota Scion (RLT), with Misha Supica as the key organizer and cheerleader over the past six years.

Attracting 200 guests, each event is thoroughly investigated afterwards to improve the customer experience.  No detail, including food, signage location and handouts, is too small for him.

Supica’s official role is shuttle driver and event organizer, but unofficially, he’s the store ambassador, said General Manager Mark Beithon. Very well liked and ready to go the extra mile for others, “He is the first to pitch in and the last person left to clean up,” says Beithon.

“Unofficially, he’s the store ambassador,”
Rudy Luther’s Toyota General Manager Mark Beithon

A native of Serbia, Supica brought his wife and two children to Minnesota 13 years ago, after the Bosnian War had ruined the country’s economy and security.  Wanting a better life and more opportunity, he arrived in Minnesota, where he knew no one.  Through the Minnesota Council of Churches, he found a job at RLT within months.  He is grateful for that assistance, and to all at the store RLT_mish_car-webwho have helped him succeed.

“People helped me, and were very open to me.  Sometimes I have too many questions,” said Supica. “I did not speak any English; (they were) very patient and very helpful and I am trying to pay it back.”  He is full of thankfulness for his fellow employees and stays in touch with the Minnesota Council.

As a shuttle driver, Supica is continually listening to the needs of the customer and how he can help them have a better day.  The van is clean and colorful, but most of all, it has a willing listener.

“I am thankful for everything,” said Supica.  “Maybe to you it is a small help, but it means a great deal to me.”   For those who meet him, he communicates what thankfulness feels like.
Supica’s wife works at Costco and his children are now 22 and 26.  His daughter just finished college.


Know someone we should feature as an exceptional employee?  

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