The Luther Automotive Group

Luther grants student scholarships

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In choosing four promising recent high school graduates for $500 scholarships, Luther Automotive is investing in the future and seeking strong candidates for its technical positions.

The four winners were split evenly in their studies, with two pursuing auto mechanics and two in auto body.  They are: Aidan Hicks, Jacob Neis, Jesus Sanchez and Peter Harriman.

Intermediate School District 287 automotive instructor John Preston and his colleague, Jeff Goergen, selected the candidates. Qualifying participants were completing a program of study within the field of automotive.

The effort is an extension of Luther’s partnership with Intermediate School District 287 and its Pathways program, which introduces students to car dealership operations.  The company is working to promote strong ties with the educational community.

“It’s driven by a skills gap in the U.S.,” said Nastassia Leigh in human resources.  “Younger technicians are needed but we are finding that many students are encouraged to pursue four-year degrees over technical degrees,” she said.  Luther hopes that its support and promotion of programs like Pathways can also support students like Jesus Sanchez to help them find a place in the automotive industry.

It’s not unusual for tech school students to work part-time at a Luther dealership while they are in school.  The arrangement offers valuable experience and income.

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