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Kia salesman chases ‘Lolos Ghost’ on stage

Lolo's Ghost band

Kia salesman James Loney, left, is a singer, songwriter and leader of “Lolo’s Ghost.”

A Twin Cities band featuring keyboardist Matt Fink from “Prince and the Revolution” regularly displays the talents of one Luther car salesman, James Loney. The singer and songwriter formed “LoLo’s Ghost,” with its versatile style of blues, funk, soul and ballads.

A couple times a month, after a long Saturday on the Luther Kia of Bloomington show floor, Loney meets up with his seven member group for a late night performance at The Dakota, or some other Twin Cities venue. Some

James Loney

James Loney

don’t know how he pulls it all off. “Music isn’t really work, it’s just having fun,” said Loney, who can stay up until 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning and be up again by 7:30.

“How do you do this? I don’t know, you just do it. It’s the adrenalin from it, I guess.” He’s written a couple hundred songs in his 30 years as a musician, and regularly plays 25 to 30 of them. Two women serve as backup singers as five guys on instruments create what Loney calls “a really cool sound that’s prettier and bigger,” with many pieces.

He prefers the energy of a live performance, which comes from audiences. “I absolutely love it. Wish I could do it every night.” On the recording side, the band leader’s music has been featured in two major movies, “Just Write” with Jeremy Piven and Kirsten Dunst’s “Lucky Town Blues.” He hopes to get a publishing deal where a block of his songs would be sold to be sung by other artists. See





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