The Luther Automotive Group

helping where he’s needed

Andy Gadient

Luther Director of Sales Andy Gadient

The ability to adapt and assist has been essential to Andy Gadient’s role as Luther’s director of sales, which connects him with many Luther stores, managers and salespeople.

“Every store is different. They all have their own culture, their own way of doing things,” he said. Gadient comes in as a “sounding board” of sorts, someone to bounce ideas off of, to offer a different way of looking at things, he

explains. He’s worked a number of jobs since he joined Luther in 1999, on the sales floor and in sales management, as a GM and even as a night watchman at Burnsville Volkswagen.

Now he helps stores to enhance their processes, better track showfloor traffic and improve their understanding of financial information.

The best processes and tools won’t work, however, without quality people to use them. “The people we have are the most talented people in the auto industry,” said the director.

While setting guidelines, Luther also allows its stores to be creative. “That’s the great thing about our company. If you don’t have that freedom, you muffle new ideas, new ways of doing things. I think it’s a model that makes Luther special,” he said.

Gadient, who has a lighter side, has been known to share jokes and spend time to get to know people, which may be part of what makes him ideal for this role. “I don’t want to be invasive or be a distraction to what happens at the stores,” he said. At the end of the day, it’s all about providing a good guest experience, selling and servicing vehicles, he explains.

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