The Luther Automotive Group

friendly competition proves healthy for Kia …

Kia of Bloomington managers

Kia of Bloomington Sales Manager Dan Dingmann, left, and his “right hand man,” Lot Manager Marty LaValle.

If competition truly keeps people at the “top of their game,” the rivalry between long established Luther Nissan Kia in Inver Grove Heights and the up and coming Luther Kia of Bloomington is a match made for Luther television.

Both carry a brand with one of the best warranties, and new car sales numbers were strikingly close in 2013. Nissan Kia led the district in sales and Kia of Bloomington came in second.
It seems that most everyone is tuned in to their crosstown rival.

“We’re young. Give us another two years and Inver Grove might be in second place,” said Kia of Bloomington Lot Manager Marty LaValle. A number of Bloomington employees once worked at Luther Nissan Kia, and the two stores share a general manager, Brad Knutson.

“Instead of the bat phone, we have the Brad phone,” said sales manager Dan Dingmann, joking that the stores can call each other to let them know the manager is on his way. Salespeople sell vehicles from both lots, and regularly interact with people from the sister store.

Luther Nissan Kia New Car Manager Neil Haskins said the two stores work very well together. “We’re really looking forward to this year. It’s a good team.”

Kia salespeople

Bloomington sales staffers Shawn Schmidt, left, Chris Knutson and Matt Douvier.

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