The Luther Automotive Group


Congratulations to those who marked a major anniversary!

30 Years

Kenneth Lentz, Park Place Motors
Phyllis Meyers, Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Larry Schwartz, Hopkins Honda


25 Years

Mark Anderson, Infiniti of Bloomington

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Daniel Moen, White Bear Acura Subaru
Daniel Rasmussen, Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Dale Roth, Brookdale Toyota

15 Years

Thi Van Cao, Brookdale Honda
Mauricio Decaroli, Customer Care Center
Matt Ehde, Luther Nissan Kia
Russell Erickson, White Bear Acura Subaru Wilma Finn, Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi
Keven Groettum, Hopkins Honda
Ralph Nash, White Bear Acura Subaru
James Olin, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Alan Park, Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Charles Ramsell, Cambridge Motors
Lisa Snyder, North Country Ford
Timothy Sheridan, Brooklyn Park Collision Center


Eddie Bittar



10 Years

Jim Jensen

Jim Jensen

Edward Bittar, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Javier Delgadillo Blancas, Westside Volkswagen
Steven Blomberg, North Country Ford
Mitchell Clover, White Bear Acura Subaru
Paul Cushman, Park Place Motors
Bryon Fagen, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Thomas Gardas, Brooklyn Park Collision Center
David Green Jr, Brookdale Toyota
Kathy Heitzinger, Luther Nissan Kia
Todd Hickey, Luther Automotive Services
James Jensen, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Richard Johnson, Rudy Luther Toyota

Carrie McWilliams

Carrie McWilliams

Michael Jung, Brookdale Honda
Christopher Kennedy, Park Place Motors
Scott Kivi, Rudy Luther Toyota
Nathan Klitzke, Inifiniti of Bloomington
Jill Kovall, White Bear Acura Subaru
Michael Mayer, Brookdale Chevrolet Buick GMC
Carrie McWilliams, Bloomington Hyundai

Margaret Mcnickle, Luther Family Buick

Bradley Moe, Brookdale Chevrolet Buick GMC
Samuel Mortenson, Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi

Sam Mortensen

Sam Mortensen

David Niemi, North Country Ford
Carl Olsen, Luther Family Ford
Nicole Poliseno, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Joseph Portillo, Rudy Luther Toyota
Jacob Puffer, Westside Volkswagen
Brenda Refsland, Park Place Motors
Robert Ringenberg, Park Place Motors
Paul Schwegman, Brookdale Mazda
Janelle Huston-Stallkamp, Motors Managment

Dave Niemi

Dave Niemi

Robert Vizenor, Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi
Donald Vos, Luther Family Ford
Peter Wallace, Park Place Motors
Joseph Weidner, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Gary Winegar, Hudson Chevrolet

Gary Winegar

Gary Winegar







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