The Luther Automotive Group

support letter for Baeyen family

Bruce Baeyen was a father, a husband of 28 years, a friend, a Marine, and a wonderful man who always had a smile on his face. Laughing, telling jokes and being there for the people he cherished. Early morning on Monday, January 20th, Bruce started having chest pains. He was unable to catch his breath and alerted his wife Sheila of the issue at hand. She immediately called 911 and requested an ambulance to assist. Bruce had already had medical issues in the past but pulled through and continued living his life. This time was different.

They rushed him to North Memorial Hospital and immediately started trying to figure out what was going on. He went into cardiac arrest, the doctors were able to resuscitate him. They thought he was stabilizing but he then crashed again. The staff rushed him up to a room to start operating but he never returned. His son, Zach, 26, along with his daughter Kim, 22 were both there waiting with his wife. When you are panicked and rushed, you are never able to think of something to say. That final goodbye. There was no option to ask one last question or to even say ‘I love you’. There was nothing. Bruce was 51.

Sheila (wife) was laid off from her job and is currently job searching but neither of them have medical insurance. Luckily, Bruce’s job just began offering Life Insurance to the employees but that will not even come to close to covering the medical bills and others that will ultimately come. Anything to help this wonderful family out during their incredible time of need will be greatly appreciated.

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