The Luther Automotive Group

stores rally to aid lube tech’s family

Sheila, Zach and Bruce Baeyen

Brookdale Toyota lube tech Zach Baeyen, center with his mother Sheila and his father, Bruce, who died earlier this year.

Employees from multiple Luther stores rose to the occasion with acts of compassion recently when a Brookdale Toyota lube tech’s father died and the family needed help.
Zach Baeyen’s father, Bruce, 51, went into cardiac arrest in January and never recovered. Bruce’s wife, Sheila, was in search of work and neither of them had health insurance.
Then, without asking Zach, a fundraiser was put together with the help of some employees at the store. Contributions came in from Toyota employees, Luther Brookdale Volkswagen and Bloomington Acura Subaru, and White Bear Acura Subaru called to see how they could help, said Brookdale Toyota service advisor Nikki Woodbury.
She said Baeyen has made an impact on coworkers by the efficient job he does, and his leadership at the busy store, where his father was a customer, too.
The service advisor said she was incredibly surprised by the support from other Luther stores. “It’s easy to want to help when you can see the person on a daily basis, have a relationship and know what they’re going through. (These) people never met him and his family, but took time out of their day to contribute.”
Zach has been with the store for more than seven years, working in different positions.
Woodbury said the staff has been together a long time and is a tight knit group, so the support from coworkers wasn’t a huge surprise.
About $5,500 came in from the benefit. “It’s a great head start to get them through what they have to be dealing with,” she said.
Baeyen said his father was a role model and a person he would go to with questions. His extended family is some distance away. “Our family was pretty much all we had around here,” he said.

Learn more about the Baeyen family.

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