The Luther Automotive Group

We Ask Employees

What gift do you remember receiving at Christmas?Brook-Chrysl-Jim-Keehr-web

“I would get candy in mine (his stocking). I like eating candy. I got the Gold Tool award on Christmas morning (from Chrysler) for doing all of our master technician training. It showed up on Christmas Eve. It’s the most interesting thing that’s ever happened.”

Jim Keehr, Master Technician

Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge


“My dad grew up during the depression with a large family and so there was never much for Christmas celebrations. He was never big on Christmas. I remember the Christmas when I was about 5 or 6, and he gave me this Greyhound wagon. It is now over 50 years old and my children and grandchildren have ridden in this wagon, even though it is getting rusty.

Rosie Riley, Biller

Rudy Luther’s Toyota & Scion

“My daughter made me a super cool Bon Jovi button shadowbox. She ordered Bon Jovi buttons off of eBay, glued them in lines cathy-ostlund-wba-weband put them in. It was a nice homemade gift and special– she spent a lot of time on it. And, I’m a Bon Jovi freak so made it all the more special.”

Cathy Ostlund, Accounts Payable and Receivable

White Bear Acura Subaru

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