The Luther Automotive Group

Long term people talk

What is your favorite family celebration or tradition?
Vern Pettis … 20 years
Hopkins Honda


My kids are grown up and gone. We have a place up north that we go to … up by the Nisswa area with deer all over on 2 ½ acres. My daughter (Nicole) was in town for my birthday. She worked here while she was in school.


Roger Anderson… 30 years
Westside Volkswagen
roger-anderson-westside-webSummer vacations up north are my favorite, northern Minnesota. Getting together with the family.


Julie Heineman… 5 years
Brookdale Toyota


It is Thanksgiving, because we get together with my mom’s family. She was one of 14 children. We rent the basement of my aunt’s church. It’s 50 people, and it’s been as high as 100 people– my cousins and my cousins’ kids.

Nate Lutgen … 5 years
Brookdale Buick

Nate is in the top row at far left, in gray.

Every June, my fiancé, her family and I take a big camping trip with everybody– aunts, uncles, grandparents. We pick a different state park every year. Mille Lacs, Kathio, Father Hennepin, Gooseberry Falls, or Itasca.

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