The Luther Automotive Group

Fixed ops leader serves as first president of Collision and Service Council

The Collision & Service Council is the only pro-dealership group of its kind in the nation and one of Luther’s own has been chosen as its first leader.

An advocacy subgroup of the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association (MADA), the CSC has multiple charges that relate to most everything that impacts dealer service and parts departments and collision centers, says Council President Mark Morcomb, director of fixed operations for Luther Automotive.

“We try to bring education to improve the operations of all dealers,” he said. This, it is hoped, will lead to better reputations for dealers and

Mark Morcomb, director of fixed operations.

Mark Morcomb, director of fixed operations.

greater customer retention.

The CSC also tackles issues involving current law, proposed law changes and new laws proposed. The group then advises MADA, which prioritizes its lobbying and communications efforts based on dealership needs.

One hot issue to date is the State Farm insurance PartsTrader software system. The CSC is concerned that the system will increase dealership administrative costs, reduce collision center repair efficiencies and decrease parts quality.

Morcomb says there’s a difference between aftermarket and original equipment parts and dealerships offer higher quality repairs and better warranties. “There’s better fit and finish, and safety.”

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