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Cat finds new home via service drive

Ashley Tuttle and her new cat

Service advisor Ashley Tuttle received a different kind of bonus one day, and techs had a strange under the hood experience.

Dealerships have been known to find all kinds of things under the hood, electrical problems, mice evidence, or, at Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge– a live cat.

This pleasant surprise leapt from the engine bay of an oil change customer’s truck. “Initially, we didn’t know she was a kitten, she came out so fast my tech thought she was a baby raccoon,” said service advisor Ashley Tuttle.

This led to a chase scene, on foot, through the shop as technicians pursued the fleeing feline. Now safely in a box, they brought the fearful furball to Tuttle, who had no idea of the surprise that awaited her. Someone must have known she is an animal lover.

“They pulled me inside the cashier area, and out comes the kitten,” said Tuttle.

The truck’s owner had driven from Hamel, about 15 miles away by freeway. One might guess what happened next. He didn’t want the cat, so Tuttle said, “She’s coming home with me.”

The advisor took the one pound, nine ounce kitten to a veterinarian and discovered it was eight weeks

Sparkplug the cat


old and healthy.

Shop staffers voted between two names for what Tuttle calls her miracle cat. “Between the names Hemi and Sparkplug we named her Sparkplug and she is happy as can be in her new home!”

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