The Luther Automotive Group

We ask employees

What’s the most fun you’ve had in a convertible?


“Driving at 15 degrees in a new Beetle with the top down– just to see how warm it would be … We had the heated seats on. The only person who was cold was in the back seat. Also, my wife and I borrowed an Eos convertible for a date night. We drove in 50 degrees with the top down just to see how comfortable it was. We looked at the stars.”

Mike Barcalow, Internet Manager

Burnsville Volkswagen


“It was an Infiniti G37 convertible– white with red interior, in a parade and I had veterans in my vehicle … in the Lake Nokomis area– for St. Helena Autumn Daze. I had driven in other parades before so I volunteered. The war veterans said, ‘Does this come in a four door?’ They were Purple Hearts. It was fun driving there and back. I didn’t realize the seats were air conditioned.”

Karen Breitbarth, Parts Manager

Infiniti of Bloomington



“I had my convertible and I was coming down the main drag of Rice Lake; it was raining so hard that the roads were flooded. And, I pulled into this gas station and parked under the mezzanine. I put in $5 worth of gas and as I was standing there, baseball sized hail was coming down. I had never seen that before. It never hit my car, though. There were so many cars stalled out along the road because of the all the water, squad cars even.”

Jeff Robinson, Parts Counter

Hudson Chevrolet GMC



And … the not so fun

“Coming from Ocean City, Maryland in a (Mustang) convertible with this guy. He wanted me to sit closer and closer and I didn’t like him. He was my ride home for a 3 ½ hour trip. That’s when the seats were pretty close. I was in high school. It was a fun convertible … but I couldn’t wait to get home.”

Jane Gaskell, Receptionist

Bloomington Acura Subaru

“I was driving down I-694 when he (my Australian cattle dog), decided to stand outside the vehicle. It was not fun, but scary. I was in traffic, going 65, looking in my rear view mirror to change lanes and there he is, standing half out of the vehicle.” She ended up using a car seat for the 68-pound dog. The vehicle is a Jeep with a removable hard top.”

Holly Zahn, Receptionist, Accounting

Luther Collision and Glass, Bloomington

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