The Luther Automotive Group

Internships prove helpful in finding great new hires

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Mel Messer, Luther Collision and Glass Body Shop Manager in Plymouth, looks for certain qualities in someone who wants to enter the auto body business.

One major element is that the job be a source of enjoyment, not just a means of making money. Interns learn about the company and industry, and people in the company get to know them better.

“The whole intent is to help this person start a career and, second, if there’s somebody good out there (Luther wants to bring the person on board),” said General manager John Krostag.

Messer welcomed intern Trevor Multhaup, a student from Dunwoody College of Technology, who received extra training in aluminum welding. “He showed the potential from what I can see,” said Messer, who connected with Multhaup’s teacher. “I like talking to the instructors so they know how they’ve done with the student.”

Luther’s relationship with area schools has proven beneficial, especially when high level students seek out school-required work experience hours and, eventually, jobs.

Multhaup took second in state for auto body in the challenging “Skills USA” competition. His classmate took first and went on to nationals in Kansas City. The intern is now full-time, and has plans to become an automotive painter. “It’s definitely a faster pace (here). There are more interesting things to work on,” Multhaup said.

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