The Luther Automotive Group

Second quarter employee anniversaries

Congratulations to those who have reached a major milestone in the second quarter of 2013!

25 Years

Greg Bindewald, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Rolf Essmann, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Steven Williamson, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Leon Imholte, Hopkins Honda

John Meyer, Hopkins Honda

Ramona Elwood, Luther Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi

20 Years

Matthew Waich, White Bear Acura Subaru

Matthew Waich, White Bear Acura Subaru

Matthew Waich, White Bear Acura Subaru

15 Years

Scott Spaeth, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Kellie Thielke, Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi

Ryan Kottke, Brooklyn Park Collision & Glass

Susan Slater, John Hirsch’s Cambridge Motors

Raymond Tuenge, Customer Care Center

Kyle Allison, Hopkins Honda

Ruth Stachowski, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Ruth Stachowski, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Ruth Stachowski, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Jack Wong, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Michael Wagner, Luther Nissan Kia

Mike Gallagher, Motors Management

Timothy Reil, North Country Ford Lincoln

Kevin Nyberg, North Country Ford Lincoln

Kenneth Clausen, RL Toyota & Scion

Boris Sonkin, RL Toyota & Scion

10 Years

Bruce Pap, Bloomington Acura Subaru

Arden Knutson, Brookdale Chevrolet Buick GMC

George Wokson, Brookdale Chevrolet Buick GMC

Vernon Schultz, Brookdale Chevrolet Buick GMC

Ardell Hanson, Brookdale Honda

Donald Mich, Brookdale Toyota & Scion

Amy Anderson, Burnsville Hyundai

Tim Wilkins, Burnsville Volkswagen

Jon Gunderson, John Hirsch’s Cambridge Motors

Todd Richter, Fargo Collision & Glass

Randy Morris, Fargo Collision & Glass

John Streifel, Fargo Collision & Glass

Richard Kowalski, Fargo Collision & Glass

Peter Gerardy, Fargo Collision & Glass

Terry Spiering, Fargo Collision & Glass

Misty Jeanotte, Fargo Collision & Glass

Robert Langlie, Fargo Collision & Glass

Mary Haberman, Fargo Collision & Glass

Toua Lor, Hopkins Honda

Suzy Olson, Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Karen Breitbarth, Infiniti of Bloomington

Joe Hoeschen, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Ricky Anderson, Luther Family Buick GMC

Steven Beltz, Luther Family Buick GMC

Edward Blake, Luther Family Buick GMC

Brent Blatchford, Luther Family Buick GMC

Todd Brown, Luther Family Buick GMC

Colleen Carlson, Luther Family Buick GMC

Mark Carlson, Luther Family Buick GMC

Thomas Carrier, Luther Family Buick GMC

Jane Dohn, Luther Family Buick GMC

James Dunkin, Luther Family Buick GMC

Tim Ebens, Luther Family Buick GMC

Wayne Ellefson, Luther Family Buick GMC

Pamela Emmerich, Luther Family Buick GMC

Thomas Gertz, Luther Family Buick GMC

Gary Haskin, Luther Family Buick GMC

Anita Varriano-Hetler, Luther Family Buick GMC

Jody Jackson, Luther Family Buick GMC

James Jones, Luther Family Buick GMC

James Jones, Luther Family Buick GMC

Jeremy Jensen, Luther Family Buick GMC

James Jones, Luther Family Buick GMC

Milford Kandt, Luther Family Buick GMC

Richard Medley, Luther Family Buick GMC

Ron Miller, Luther Family Buick GMC

Larry Mitchell, Luther Family Buick GMC

Ronald Nelson, Luther Family Buick GMC

Bjorn Olson, Luther Family Buick GMC

Linda Pratschner, Luther Family Buick GMC

Linden Pratschner, Luther Family Buick GMC

Shawn Preabt, Luther Family Buick GMC

Josh Radcliffe, Luther Family Buick GMC

Stacia Sanders, Luther Family Buick GMC

Jerry Sheets, Luther Family Buick GMC

Michael Sundvor, Luther Family Buick GMC

Wesley Thomas, Luther Family Buick GMC

Rodney Tyson, Luther Family Buick GMC

Troy Weist, Luther Family Buick GMC

Yvonne Aronson, Luther Family Ford

Joel Bechtold, Luther Family Ford

Brian Bendickson, Luther Family Ford

Robert Berg, Luther Family Ford

Terry Burner, Luther Family Ford

Lester Colvin, Luther Family Ford

Kenneth Dathe, Luther Family Ford

Brett Davis, Luther Family Ford

Beta Evenson, Luther Family Ford

Kevin Glaser, Luther Family Ford

Lionel Hager, Luther Family Ford

Gregory Hall, Luther Family Ford

Mindy Hodgson, Luther Family Ford

Roger Holland, Luther Family Ford

Joshua Homan, Luther Family Ford

Michael Irving, Luther Family Ford

James Isaacson, Luther Family Ford

Justin Jondahl, Luther Family Ford

Tom Kassman, Luther Family Ford

Shari LeNoue, Luther Family Ford

Trygve Letnes, Luther Family Ford

Gregory Lyon, Luther Family Ford

Lee Mcintosh, Luther Family Ford

Dan Moffett, Luther Family Ford

Jennifer Ritter, Luther Family Ford

John Roux, Luther Family Ford

Adam Schmidt, Luther Family Ford

Marlin Smedshammer, Luther Family Ford

Thomas Smith, Luther Family Ford

Gary Speich, Luther Family Ford

Dale Suhr, Luther Family Ford

Magnus Thorsteinson, Luther Family Ford

Joey Trottier, Luther Family Ford

Roger Wadell, Luther Family Ford

Allan Wang, Luther Family Ford

Stewart Schrenk, Luther Nissan Kia

Brent Johnson, North Country Ford Lincoln

Jason Evjen, Park Place Motors

Scott Halter, RL Toyota & Scion

JoEtta Michels-Gordon, RL Toyota & Scion

Louis Schutz, RL Toyota & Scion

Dustin Reed, Westside Volkswagen

Brenda Lee Hughes, White Bear Acura Subaru

5 Years

John Reinan, Bloomington Acura Subaru

Chad Reynolds, Bloomington Acura Subaru

Angela Langsdorf, Brookdale Chevrolet Buick GMC

Lori Michael, Brookdale Chevrolet Buick GMC

David Warner, Brookdale Chevrolet Buick GMC

David Janousek, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge

William Perry, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Donald Banta, Brookdale Honda

Jennifer Harris, Brookdale Honda

Scott Holman, Brookdale Toyota & Scion

Lisa Wright, Brooklyn Park Collision & Glass

Mark Larson, Burnsville Volkswagen

Jason Mitchell, Customer Care Center

Joshua Kajer, Hopkins Honda

Timothy Kruse, Hopkins Honda

Jacob Storgaard, Hopkins Honda

Karen Jacobs, Hudson Chevrolet GMC

Tim Jubie, Hudson Chevrolet GMC

Paul Milton, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

John Drum, Luther Auto Services

Jeffrey Gage, Luther Auto Services

Eric Kellas, Luther Auto Services

Ronald Nagy, Luther Auto Services

David Nelson, Luther Auto Services

Barbara Nordby, Luther Auto Services

Jason Kellas, Luther Auto Services

Gerald Grosz, Luther Family Buick GMC

Tyler Palya, Luther Family Buick GMC

Mary Taaffe, Luther Nissan Kia

Kelly Casper, North Country Ford Lincoln

Kelly Casper, North Country Ford Lincoln

Lindsay Bury, Motors Management

Kelly Casper, North Country Ford Lincoln

Charisse Sartwell, North Country Ford Lincoln

Howard Syverson, North Country Ford Lincoln

Anthony Banse, RL Toyota & Scion

Jeff Cox, RL Toyota & Scion

Alex Mohanna, RL Toyota & Scion

Armando Pezan, RL Toyota & Scion

Pouapheng Yang, RL Toyota & Scion

Steve Walsh, St. Cloud Honda

Bradley Davidson, Westside Volkswagen

Michelle Gervais, Westside Volkswagen

Angela Satre, Westside Volkswagen

Tracey Schrupp, Westside Volkswagen

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