The Luther Automotive Group

Child enjoys dealership, no pressure, new loyalty and a DeLorean?

Brookdale Chevrolet
Matt Suhl

In late 2012 I purchased a Smart Car from your Fiat of Bloomington dealership and received a $500 (Luther) gift certificate … After I scored an amazing deal on a DeLorean in January … I began searching for a mechanic in the area who would be both A) comfortable servicing the vehicle and B) honest about not charging me for any learning curve time it may take to diagnose and repair any issues with an exotic car. Online reviews of the only shop in town that “claimed” experience on exotic cars painted a picture of a shop owner who had a police record for taking a customer Lamborghini out for a joy ride and crashing it … among other questionable traits such as being arrested to base jumping off the Foshay Tower. Your online reviews, however, were highly rated, and with my Luther gift card in hand, I scheduled my first service appointment with Matt Suhl. His accommodation of keeping my DeLorean stored indoors for each service appointment … and his excellent communication with updates and information has been an unmatched experience for me. I’ve owned over 13 cars since 1995, three of them classics and two of them newer sports cars and I can say with confidence that until I worked with Matt, I’ve harbored negative feelings towards the necessity of having your car (especially the classic ones) repaired … Apart from any unique, DeLorean-specific repairs that need to be done from the DMC shop in Chicago, I will continue to work with Matt on maintaining this, and any future vehicles.

Edward S.

Westside Volkswagen
Joseph Freund
Nick is 8 years old

Nick is 8 years old

Luther Collision and Glass
Keri Peterson

Thanks so much for finding a new windshield for my father and having it installed so quickly. Driving safely cross-country requires a keen eye on the weather. My parents’ ability to leave last Thursday provided a perfect “weather window.” Thanks to your efforts, they arrived back in Tucson safe and sound on Sunday. While they were followed by some serious storms, they only saw a few drops of rain. Thanks so much for all your kindness in helping us.

Marie and Paul S.

North Country Ford Lincoln
Pam Broman, Geoff Knapp and
Amy Truchinski

Mr. Swoboda, I purchased a 2012 Escape … I love my truck … it was the most pleasant car buying experience I have had in 38 years of buying. Amy Truchinski referred me to Geoffrey Knapp, who was great. No pressure, and he didn’t try and sell me options I didn’t need or want … He assisted me in getting insurance, thoroughly explained the controls, got my phone setup in Bluetooth and offered his assistance in the future with any questions or problems. Amy’s assistance and advice was very helpful in getting me through the paperwork. Pam Broman went above and beyond in getting me financing with a down payment and monthly payment I was comfortable with. Both Geoff and Pam stayed well past business hours on a Saturday to get the deal done. I’ve worked for 23 years in the customer service field and you have three employees who define the term. Please acknowledge them … give them my heartfelt thank you.

Randall E.

Luther Hudson Chevrolet GMC
Ron Williams

I have been purchasing my GM vehicles at the same dealer for 30 years … I turn over a vehicle every two to three years. Unfortunately, that dealership is no longer a GM dealership. What do I do now? A friend (who works for a Toyota dealership in the cities) said that he had a friend who works at Luther Hudson Chevy GMC and she has great things to say about her coworkers and, most importantly, the service department. Okay, I’ll check it out. You know the drill- pull into the lot and be greeted by sales. But, it was more than just the “same old same old” interaction. I was greeted by Ron Williams- what fun. You would have never guessed how much we had in common and how comfortable he made my experience. Really, it was more fun car shopping with Ron than with my boyfriend. But, the part that sealed the deal for me was the “team” experience. The entire sales staff works together and they aren’t afraid to help each other out. I could ask anyone in the office a question and no worries (not the silent treatment because you are someone else’s sale). The attention to the customer service/experience is very apparent within that team, actually the entire dealership. Finance was so comfortable, it really was pleasant. Add all this up and I feel so good about my experience and have confidence in my “new” dealership. I found a new home for my GM loyalty.

Karen J.

Luther Honda of St. Cloud
Brian Rothstein

This was the second new Honda Pilot I have leased for my wife, both of which have been from Luther Honda of St. Cloud. I live in the metro area, so it’s not exactly close, but it’s worth the drive. No messing around, the paperwork was ready when I got there, and all the numbers worked out great. Would recommend Brian Rothstein to friends and family. My wife’s next truck will come from here as well.

Pilot Driver, Monticello


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