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Ball event aims to help chemo patients

Sherri Flannigan

Sherri Flannigan with Cambridge Motors.


A different kind of cancer fundraiser is underway in Cambridge, one that gives unusual supports to women who go thorough treatment, and feel the full effects of chemotherapy.

Sherri Flannigan

Sherri Flannigan with Cambridge Motors.

“They have no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes and they feel invisible,” said receptionist Sherri Flannigan at John Hirsch’s Cambridge Motors. She’s organizing the “Enchanted Masquerade Ball,” which is set for 7 p.m. on October 5 at American Jane’s Grille & Bar. Proceeds assist a local program that helps patients feel beautiful again.

“Beautiful You” is a once a month offering at Cambridge Medical Center’s Harbor Room, where chemo patients are taught to apply makeup, select a wig and try on hats and scarves. “You feel pretty for an evening.”

As a 10-year cancer survivor, Flannigan has been there, and has voluntarily helped other women to get through it for eight years. “To not be stared at because you look different and to walk out of there feeling very special, it tugs at your heart strings more than I can even explain when you can touch

Sherri Flannigan

Flannigan, when she was treated for cancer in 2003.

somebody,” she said. One woman in her 70s was so well made-up that her husband didn’t recognize her. “She turned around, with eyebrows drawn on and a wig, and he said, ‘Oh my, you are just beautiful.’”

Tickets for the horsdoeuvres event with music and a silent auction are $30 and more info is available by calling 612-221-5497.

Learn more about the Enchanted Masquerade Ball (MS Word file)
Story from the Isanti County News

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