The Luther Automotive Group

We Ask Employees

Was there ever a vacation that you regretted taking?


“I spent a week in Devils Kettle, Arkansas, a state park.  It was hotter than heck, surrounded by mountains so you get no breeze.  I went into town to grab some supplies and (people) were making some off color comments.  Thanks (for reminding me), now I’ll have to go to therapy.”

Lynn Floyd, Sales

Luther Brookdale Toyota

 ““When I was 13 or 14, we went on a camping trip to Isle Royale, in the middle of Lake Superior. We hiked across the whole thing. It was we-ask-coll-glass-ply-webterrible. I don’t like walking that much. This is my normal form here (sitting).“

Rob Clark, Auto Body Technician

Luther Collision and Glass- Plymouth



“Biggest one I remember was going to Florida to Disney World with my wife’s stepfather’s family, actually his distant relatives who I didn’t even know. Having two kids and going to Disney without them was very, very hard. All my wife and I thought about the entire week was how much we missed our kids and how much we wished they were with us. It was a very long week. Our kids were seven and three and we said, ‘Wow they would love this!’”

Jason Yaeger, Accessories Sales

Luther Honda of St. Cloud


“It took five hours to go 3 miles to Disney Land in Florida. It was the most miserable time I have ever had in my life. I would never go back, no way”

Leland Walters, Sales

Family Buick GMC

lff-dana-web“Oslo, Norway. It was November and snow is a good thing, if you like that. We weren’t dressed for it. We went out in the countryside and climbed up the side of a hill, a mountain, wearing regular clothes. It was cold. I slipped and fell, and whacked my knee on a rock. Wish I wouldn’t have done that. Glad I went, because got to see the old country, not so glad for where we were.”

Dana Harris, Parts Advisor

Luther Family Ford

“I fly into SEATAC Airport in Seattle to climb Mount Rainier. The first night … we see the town. There are parking meters everywhere, so we finally find a spot with no meter. When we came back, the car was gone … there was a parking meter that a cargo van was covering. We had to pay all three parking tickets and get the car out of the impound lot. In Seattle, if a parade of officers goes past your car, they can ticket as many times as they like. Then, the hotel we were going to stay at didn’t have space for us, so we find the cheapest spot to stay at and head up to Mount Rainier. It was a two-step process, you go up to (base camp) at about 5,000 feet, then to 10,000 feet, then make the summit attempt whenever the weather lets you.

My buddy overslept and couldn’t get moving so we got a late start on the first day. We got stuck at night before we reached base camp, and had we-ask-rl-toyota-webglacial silt flying around. It’s like sand, very fine. I woke up with about a half an inch of it on my face. The camera no longer works. We finally make it to base camp, and find out that our one window to hit the summit would be the next day. Getting up at midnight, we make our summit attempt. We made it up to 12,000 feet and my partner got altitude sickness and spent the rest of the day in a sleeping bag. There were two stragglers behind us. One guy stayed with my buddy and one guy climbed with me. I round the top of the mountain and start coughing. Mount Rainier is a crater, so you have to go up one side and go back down to get to the summit. Coughing, I figured it was low oxygen. It was pneumonia kicking in. Making the summit, we came back down. The lower we got, the stronger my buddy was, and the weaker I was. Then we ran out of fuel, and fuel is the only way to get water up there because you have to melt snow. On the flight back, I was bent over and shaking, and was 10 pounds lighter- I was so dehydrated. The trip was eight days. And, that was three days before September 11, 2001.

Brian Gulbrandson, Sales

Rudy Luther’s Toyota & Scion

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