The Luther Automotive Group

Help for big Brothers Big Sisters

Part of the mission at Luther Honda of St. Cloud is to be a dealership that the community wants, not just a car store but a group of people who

The BBBS logo is displayed in ice for the Luther sponsored Magic Moments Ball.

The BBBS logo is displayed in ice for the Luther sponsored Magic Moments Ball.

are an integral part of the community, explains General Manager Carlos Garcia.
And, a big part of that integration involves high level sponsorship of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Minnesota.

“It’s a phenomenal cause, working with kids who need mentors,” he said.  Many boys and girls age 5 to 14 have tough backgrounds and need role models and the goal is for a Big Brother or Big Sister to give the gift of time over a four-year span.
The Honda store served as the lead sponsor at the group’s “Magic Moments Ball,” and regularly helps spread the word about what BBBS needs even more than dollars.  Nearly 200 children are still waiting for mentors to step up and help.  That contribution of time is what brings results, explains the GM.
Garcia’s son Christopher, 21, was a Big Brother for four years, which helped him become more familiar with the program.  The boy who Christopher sponsored is now a 4.0 student, is involved in sports and is a great kid, Garcia said.  The experience also helped his son to mature and take on more responsibility.  “How much do you want to help?  When you see a need and want to help, you make time.”

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