The Luther Automotive Group

Family Buick GMC wins prestigious award

Overall performance places Fargo store among top 16 GMC dealerships in U.S.
Family Buick GMC Dealer of the Year

Employees enjoyed a catered luncheon, and an award presentation by Zone Manager Steve Davis.

General Motors acclaim came to Fargo at the end of May, when Luther Family Buick GMC was named a GMC “Dealer of the Year,” placing it among its top 16 stores in the U.S.

GMC Dealer of the Year“More than anything, it’s taking care of the customers and keeping them happy, and selling enough to meet and exceed their (GMC’s) expectations,” said General Manager Anita Hetler.

Parts Manager Larry Mitchell said Luther Auto’s good values, and happy and content employees make for happy customers.  “It’s a feather in your hat, and makes you feel pretty proud,” said Mitchell.  “Every individual here can say they have a part in it, and they really have.”

To many, Fargo is known as “truck country,” which makes the honor even more rewarding, said Hetler.  Many operational aspects qualified the dealership for this recognition, including a sales excellence index, its customer satisfaction index, compliance with GM’s Essential Brand Elements program and General Motors parts loyalty, explains Hetler.  Qualifying stores must stock at least 75 percent of the parts needed for the maintenance and repair of customer vehicles.  The store is ranked second for sales volume in its zone.

The manufacturer also tracks each store’s retail sales index, or the number of GMC vehicles sold in that store’s market area and how many of those vehicles can award-presenter-webbe traced to that particular dealership.  Overall, judges qualified stores based on a 70/30 split between sales, and parts and service performance.

Competition among GMC stores in the area is strong, with about the same travel times between stores as those around Minneapolis, Hetler said.

Being named among the top 2 percent of GMC stores by region is no small feat, and was readily acknowledged by President David Luther, who traveled to Fargo to congratulate the staff.  “They thought that was pretty cool,” said Hetler.  “I think that was a bigger deal to some of the employees than getting the award.  They were thrilled by the unexpected visit.”

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