The Luther Automotive Group

No lack of surprises: dealerships handle anything cars throw their way

Aggressive mice, fixed twice
Service advisor Adam Bistodeau witnessed the power of little pack rats with a vehicle dashboard.

Service advisor Adam Bistodeau witnessed the power of little pack rats with a vehicle dashboard.

Service advisor Adam Bistodeau at Luther Nissan Kia helped a woman with her Nissan Versa when the whole dash was shaking.

Carpet padding (presumably placed there by mice) was stuffed in the heater box. She told the advisor that her garage was tight, swept and everything was in Tupperware containers. The heater box was replaced, however, just 37 days later, she was back with the same problem.

Not the best place for dog food

In a similar story, Luther Bloomington Kia technician Dane Miller’s college instructor had a stalling vehicle. Checking it and hitting the muffler, he heard a rattling noise. Mice had clogged it with five pounds of dog food.

Hard to find battery killer

A little less than a decade ago, Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi technician Kevin Dehn had an unusual three-week diagnostic run-in with a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

When the customer turned off the car, the cooling fan would run until the battery died. Dehn checked the circuits and the problem kept persisting. The computer that controls the fan was replaced, then the relay, but to no avail.

Finally, while sitting in car, Dehn shut if off and waited. He turned it on and opened the center console, where he found a phone and plug-in. With the car off, the phone charger activated the cooling fan, feeding voltage back. Problem solved.

Slithering surprise for lube tech

A Rudy Luther’s Toyota service advisor remembers well when a lube technician found more than an oil filter when he opened the hood on a Camry.


A veteran advisor in service, Jeremy Brisbin at Brookdale Toyota remembers well when a snake popped out from an engine bay.

Jeremy Brisbin said the technician opened the hood, heard the noise and a snake shot out at him. “He dove back about three feet,” Brisbin said.

Larger than a bull snake or garter, this slider was someone’s pet. Service department employees took a look and asked the customer, who had no idea where the snake came from.

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