The Luther Automotive Group

Letters reveal loyalty, thank staff members

Luther Nissan Kia
Rich Spah, Brian Nerka, and staff
Sales Manager and Sales Consultant

I would just like to extend my gratitude for all of your concern and making sure you keep your customers happy. I know you took very good care of me, and made sure I was satisfied with my new car. I know I must have been a pain, but you continued to care and make sure I left happy. So, because of you and your family, you helped me to make my family happy. So thank you and God bless all of you for your hard work. You made me proud to buy from such a caring dealer.

Erlinda O.

Luther Hudson Chevrolet GMC
Adam Ellefsen, Ernie Zappa,
Service Advisor, Sales Consultant

The staff at the Hudson branch are exceptional … we had personal contact with Ernie Zappa when we bought the car last fall. Ernie was willing to help find the right car for us. Next, is Adam in the service department. Adam is a true “customer pleaser.” He was willing to install a modulator to try to enhance our AM station reception, and it worked. Lastly, the other staff member is the receptionist … she is efficient and friendly. I will recommend this branch to everyone, because they “aim to please.”

Carolyn and Gary K.

Park Place Motor Cars
AJ Jedlicka, Service Advisor

I would like you to know how enjoyable it is to work with AJ every time I bring my BMW X5 for service. I am in charge of training customer service in a company that prides itself on that area, and AJ is a perfect example of how to treat the customer. He is kind, patient, sincere and always gracious for the business. For example, yesterday I was curious as to what information he gets from my key fob, and he took the time to show me what shows up on his screen and was very thorough. As busy as he is, he always takes the time to answer questions. I find your entire staff friendly, which, as you probably know, isn’t the case with a lot of luxury auto dealerships. All of my future BMWs will come from Park Place!

John M.

Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Greg Gagne, Sales Consultant

Just wanted to give you a little feedback that you can share at a sales meeting. You may wonder– Why wouldn’t I just buy my car from the local (Louisville, KY) dealer which sold me two previous Land Rovers? Long story short, I run a decent size insurance firm and also generate and maintain my own book of business. I am a reasonable guy, but not real big on folks that don’t have a sense of urgency, especially when I’m considering spending a fair amount of money with their employer. I gave the local sales rep three tries to help me, but he didn’t seem to have much time. I could have gone over his head, but I decided I simply wasn’t going to spend my hard earned money with someone that didn’t seem to really care one way or another if they helped me buy a car. When I reached out to you … you displayed a sense of urgency without being too aggressive. You were proactive and enjoyable to deal with. I may end up actually spending a little more by having to purchase my car out of state, but had I bought it locally, I would not have ever felt good about the transaction or felt good driving this vehicle. The wrestling piece (Gagne wrestled professionally) was simply icing on the cake, but is certainly a story I will share with many! Thanks again.

John C.

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