The Luther Automotive Group

They reach service milestones in the fourth quarter

30+ Years

Charles Hirt, Brookdale Toyota

James Taitt Jr., Rudy Luther’s Toyota

-Meet longtime Luther employees-

25+ Years

Thomas Hubbard, Bloomington Acura

Chad Zastrow, Brookdale Honda

Gary Fairbrother, Burnsville VW

Mark Svoboda, Burnsville VW

Joseph Harper, Hopkins Honda

Larry Schwartz, Hopkins Honda

Myron Spath, Hopkins Honda

Paul Palan, Jaguar Land Rover

Kenneth Lentz, Park Place Motors

20+ Years

Thomas Annett, Bloomington Acura

Gloria Stoldorf, Brookdale Chevrolet

Terry Kyweirga, Infiniti of Bloomington

Terry Kyweirga, Infiniti of Bloomington

Barb Hilbert, Home Office

Barry Clark, Hopkins Honda

Taras Kyweriga, Infiniti of Bloomington

Karl Gunderson, White Bear Acura Subaru

15+ Years

Patricia Clancy, Bloomington Acura

Jim May, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Jim May, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Jeffrey Kral, Brookdale Honda

Mark Morcomb, Home Office

Roger Connolly, Hopkins Honda

Timothy Lewis, Hopkins Honda

Dat Pham, Hopkins Honda

Kathy Hoffman, Hudson Chevrolet

James May Jr., Jaguar Land Rover

Michael Cortese, Nissan Kia

Oscar Hildestad, Park Place Motors

Michael Mullenberg, Rudy Luther Toyota

Daniel Socher, Rudy Luther Toyota

Steve Hendricks, Westside Volkswagen

Kathy Hoffman

Kathy Hoffman, Hudson Chevrolet GMC

-See interviews with four longtime employees-

10+ Years

Robert Agarano, Bloomington Acura

James Olin, Bloomington Acura

Michael Gangestad, Brookdale Buick GMC

Patrick Riestenberg, Brookdale Chevrolet

Salamon Anzel, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep

Robert Cooper, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep

Chad Corbett, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep

Alan Grill, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep

Scott Hanson, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep

Xiong Lee, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep

Jon Scherbenski, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep

Donald Sorenson, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep

John Vierling, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep

Thi Van Cao, Brookdale Honda

Jim Haertzen, Brookdale Honda

Shane Stegeman, Brookdale Honda

Angie Warner, Brookdale Honda

Dale Carlson, Brookdale Mazda Mitsu

Ramona Elwood, Brookdale Mazda Mitsu

Howard Emery, Brooklyn Park Collision

Robert Rose, Burnsville Volkswagen

Dorothy Bialke, Cambridge Motors

Charles Ramsell, Cambridge Motors

Gordon Schroeder, Cambridge Motors

Marc Borreson, Home Office

Kathy Dickson, Home Office

Dale Hummel, Home Office

Brian Kenny, Home Office

Greg Stoner, Home Office

Kyle Weispfenning, Home Office

Michelle Ally, Hopkins Honda

Craig Bergseng, Hopkins Honda

Keven Groettum, Hopkins Honda

Anthony Hecker, Hopkins Honda

David Price, Hopkins Honda

Joseph Ratz, Hopkins Honda

Daniel Korbel, Hudson Chevrolet

Andy Gadient, Hudson Chrysler Jeep

Thomas Janse, Hudson Chrysler Jeep

Caroline Engfer, Infiniti of Bloomington

John Huser, Jaguar Land Rover

James Bernards, Luther Automotive Services

Matt Ehde, Luther Nissan Kia

Scott Nemitz, Luther Nissan Kia

Shane Gulbranson, Mankato Honda

James Lerum, North Country Ford

Michael Mueller, North Country Ford

Michael Mueller, North Country Ford Lincoln

Michael Mueller, North Country Ford Lincoln

Brent Stickler, North Country Ford

Dale Hostad, Park Place Motors

Robert Jenkins, Park Place Motors

Maynard Salley, Park Place Motors

Larry Brodal, Rudy Luther Toyota

James Goblirsch, Rudy Luther Toyota

Milorad Supica, Rudy Luther Toyota

Anthony Thompson, Rudy Luther Toyota

Kong Yang, Rudy Luther Toyota

Eric Loney, Westside Volkswagen

Kelly Johnson, White Bear Acura Subaru

Ralph Nash, White Bear Acura Subaru

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