The Luther Automotive Group

They reach service milestones in third quarter

35+ Years

James Rennich, Brookdale Honda
Dan Pederson, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Alan Storry, Park Place Motor Cars
George Johnson, Brookdale Toyota
Joseph Knapp, Westside Volkswagen

-Meet longtime Luther employees-

30+ Years

Mike Prok, parts manager, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Mike Prok

Richard Hill, Brookdale Honda
Dean Hurd, Hopkins Honda
Michael Prok, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Kenneth Stuart, Brookdale Toyota
Stephen Thorne, Brookdale Toyota

25+ Years

Jamie Janssen, Brookdale Honda
Steven Campbell, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Mark Laventure, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Mark Schmidt, Park Place Motors
Donald Heikes, Rudy Luther’s Toyota
Douglas Mulville, Rudy Luther’s Toyota
Mark Hommes, Brookdale Toyota
Roger Anderson, Westside Volkswagen

20+ Years

Service consultant Randy Larsen

Thomas Annett, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Morteza Hashemi-Rad, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Randy Larsen, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Mark Steele, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Cheepchuchai Yodsing, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Joseph Alexander, Brookdale Toyota
Jeremy Brisbin, Brookdale Toyota
John Leo, Brookdale Toyota
Kathryn Vnuk, Brookdale Toyota
Dale Listerud, White Bear Acura Subaru
Donald Peden, White Bear Acura Subaru

-See interviews with four longtime employees-

15+ Years

Anthony Russell, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Dana Ridge, Brookdale Honda
Tony Cloutier, Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi
Leonard Kottke, Brooklyn Park Collision & Glass
Mark Krzenski, Cambridge Motors
Norman Peterson, Cambridge Motors
Martin O’Keefe, Hopkins Honda
Richard Agan, North Country Ford
Thomas Clark, North Country Ford
Myron Haugen, North Country Ford
Debra Herold, North Country Ford
Nick Holmes, North Country Ford
Richard Larson, North Country Ford
Steven Lubbers, North Country Ford
Douglas Markuson, North Country Ford
Charles Odden, North Country Ford
Gregg Peterson, North Country Ford
Donald Ramsier, North Country Ford
Richard Steigauf, North Country Ford
Dana Walters, North Country Ford
Kenneth Johnson, Rudy Luther Toyota
David Truesdell, Rudy Luther Toyota
Michael Huff, Brookdale Toyota
Steve Kloek, White Bear Acura Subaru
Scott Leth, White Bear Acura Subaru
Dennis Vance, White Bear Acura Subaru

10+ Years

Nash Tawfeek

Sales consultant Nash Tawfeek

Todd Diedrich, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Jeffrey Foster, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Edward Kapustin, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Marlowe Peterson, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Alan Sandberg, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Kyle Skogen, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Houa Vang, Bloomington Acura Subaru
Kristal Bechtold, Brookdale Chevrolet Buick
Christopher Brown, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep
Gregory Carlson, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep
Robert Olin, Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Roger Carlson, Brookdale Honda
Bradley Jellison, Brookdale Honda
Nash Tawfeek, Brookdale Honda
Gary Peterson, Brookdale Mazda Mitsubishi
Shawn Papermaster, Brooklyn Park Collision & Glass
Connie Kallstrom, Burnsville Volkswagen
George Morisset, Burnsville Volkswagen
Sherri Flannigan, Cambridge Motors
Jon Hammer, Cambridge Motors
Nicole Betlach, Fiat of Brookdale
Kristen Reithmeier, Home Office
Mark Dedecek, Hopkins Honda
John Foster, Hopkins Honda
Caroline Gates, Hopkins Honda
Conley Johnson, Hopkins Honda

Lisa Radunzel Coleman, Receptionist, Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Lisa Radunzel-Coleman

Shawn Ludeke, Hopkins Honda
Vern Pettis, Jr., Hopkins Honda
Jody Schmiege, Hopkins Honda
Mark Tanglao, Hopkins Honda
Pablo Tapia, Hopkins Honda
Joseph Neeck, Hudson Chevrolet
Lisa Radunzel, Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Melissa Larson, Infiniti of Bloomington
Adam White, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis
Robert Cornell, Luther Nissan Kia
Bonnie Huber, Luther Nissan Kia
Eric Nieves, Luther Nissan Kia
Steven Espersen, North Country Ford
Mark Jerikovsky, North Country Ford
Lawrence Morris, North Country Ford
Roger Nelson, North Country Ford
Thomas Reil, North Country Ford
Almin Alisa, Park Place Motors
Robert Benson, Park Place Motors
Scott Burton, Park Place Motors
Arden Jedlicka, Park Place Motors
Ronald Thrune, Park Place Motors
Kennedy Hofmann, Rudy Luther Toyota
Dawn Kane, Rudy Luther Toyota
Roman Rozhansky, Rudy Luther Toyota
Brett Stejskal, Rudy Luther Toyota
Anthony Arens, Brookdale Toyota
Robert Madich, Brookdale Toyota
Randall Nelson, Brookdale Toyota
Joshua Tousignant, Brookdale Toyota
Anthony Zemke, Brookdale Toyota
Carole Anderson, Westside Volkswagen
Tammy Ferguson, Westside Volkswagen
David Hartman, Westside Volkswagen
Robert Scala, Westside Volkswagen
James Southwell, Westside Volkswagen
Randy Adams, White Bear Acura Subaru
Joseph Griffin, White Bear Acura Subaru
Timothy Koller, White Bear Acura Subaru
Gregory Rutt, White Bear Acura Subaru

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