The Luther Automotive Group

Letters reveal loyalty, thank staff members

White Bear Acura Subaru

Russell Erickson, warranty administrator

I am writing to commend Mr. Russell Erickson in the Subaru service department today. I brought in my Impreza for service this afternoon around 1:30 p.m. for a 2 p.m. appointment. I arrived early, so the service writers were busy attending to other customers. Russell saw me standing around, promptly greeted me and addressed all my concerns about my service visit. I notice things like that and believe that’s what sets a company and its employees apart from its competitors when it comes to customer service. Kudos to Russell and it is exemplary service like that which is why I will continue to drive 46 miles round trip to White Bear Lake Subaru to have my Impreza serviced.

Kevin Lehnen

Burnsville Volkswagen

Linda Radue, sales consultant

Locked out of my 2008 Tiguan at 6:45 on Sunday night due to a ‘dead’ keyfob, I began calling numbers in my cellphone for Burnsville VW. One of those numbers went to Linda’s voicemail, so I hung up without leaving a message.

About 3 minutes later, Linda called me back. She explained how to pop the cover off the driver’s side door and access the lock. That’s something that I didn’t completely remember in the new car owner orientation, but I knew that there was a way to get in.

Thank goodness that Linda called back! Because she did, I was not stranded 25 miles from home. This is a great example of why I have purchased four new vehicles from Burnsville VW, three of them from Linda, since 2003– superior customer service. Thanks again, and please tell the appropriate people in the dealership about what an asset Linda is to her customers, even after the showroom is closed.

Faith Amdahl

Brookdale Chevrolet

Laurel Hanson, service advisor

Just a quick note of appreciation for your service and attitude! People such as you make it a pleasant

and helpful journey to Brookdale Chevrolet! Chatting with you and the mechanic assured that my Montana van is in good and safe mode! At the age of 85+, it is as good as a lifetime guarantee. My loyalty to General Motors goes back a long time as you can see in the attached picture. We took a family of six on a motor trip from the Bronx up to Maine … circa 1929. How we all got into the car is still a mystery … not sure of the year of the Chevy but guess 1926-1928. In addition, my mom worked for GM during World War I and I had flown in a TBM (Torpedo Bomber General Motors) as an aircrew man and radio man during World War II. Thanks again … oh yes, you owe me a car wash … LOL.

Bill Skelly

Luther Hudson Chevrolet GMC

Randy Wheeler and service staff

The customer service people were all helpful, cheerful, and efficient. Their clear efforts to inform their customers quickly and accurately of what the problem with your vehicle was, what needed to be done, how long it would take to fix and how much it would cost was appreciated. They also made a point of telling you how much they appreciated your business. It is great to see that good customer service has not completely died out yet … most customers prefer to talk to real people rather than punching phone buttons on a recording. Therefore, I will not hesitate in recommending that people give them a try.

Roger Zahorski

[Have a good customer letter to share with Luther Auto? Send it to, 651-452-3504 fax.]

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