The Luther Automotive Group

Helping others is their job, Luther has been their opportunity

Randy Larsen, 21 years

Service consultant Randy Larsen

Bloomington Acura Subaru

When did you figure out you’d like to stay at Luther long term?

I started having kids. That was probably 14 years ago. With the hours … it worked well with having a family. I wanted to kind of settle down and stay at one place while I’m raising my kids.

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How have the people at Luther had an impact on you professionally and personally?

I’ve worked with quite a few people over the years, and gotten to know them really well. There are several 20 plus year employees here, including the general manager. It got to be kind of like a family. It’s easy to come to work and see the same people. They’ve all been helpful in carrying out your position. The techs are real easy to work with, and Mark (Rosenthal) is a good general manager.

Lisa Randunzel-Coleman, 11 years
Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Lisa Radunzel Coleman, Receptionist, Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Receptionist Lisa Radunzel-Coleman

What’s kept you interested and engaged in this industry for so long? One of the biggest reasons is when (she needed personal time). I could not have been accommodated any better than what I was, and what I have been here, during this whole time … They’ve just been very, very good to me about that and treated me well. I’ve been fortunate to be around good people.

How do you think this will be different in 10 years? In 30 years? I don’t think the business changes. I think the people change and you have to be able to accommodate the people. The people are going to change in 10 years and the spending is going to change, and the way they spend.

Nash Tawfeek

Sales consultant Nash Tawfeek

Nash Tawfeek, 14 years
Brookdale Honda

Tell us about a fond memory of your time at Luther Auto.  The first month I came to the dealership I sold 34 cars. I didn’t have a desk and he (then Sales Manager Jim Haertzen) bought me a desk from Office Depot and put a phone line in. All the salespeople here were sort of stunned … so that was kind of exciting for me.

Tell us about someone at Luther who has had a great impact on you and your job success.  I had Jim as the new car manager … He believed in me and … he respects me and the way I do business here. It really helps a lot to stay in the business and also to be successful. And Dan Bradley (now at Motors Management) helped me a lot in my early years of training. I really enjoy to be in the Luther family because they do care about their customers and care about their employees.

Mike Prok, 34 years
Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis, 34 years
Mike Prok, parts manager, Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis

Parts Manager Mike Prok

What’s kept you interested and engaged in this industry for so long?  …I’ve been thinking lately that the Luther group has provided for me for years and years. It’s been pretty good to me … And, I get to work around some nice cars. I’ve built up a lot of good relationships with the employees …We know how to work with each other and get things done, to handle customers and take care of them. That’s what keeps them coming in.

Share with us a challenge or difficulty you’ve faced in your job and how you met it.  The building move, going from the old, old downtown dinosaur building with all that room and compressing it into a building half that size. When you’re at a place that long, you can go to a bin and know where everything is just by sight … It took a while to find your groove, to get back to a norm where everything was.

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