The Luther Automotive Group

Exercise trip leads 200 to fitter finish

Closes with prizes, renewed energy and employees ready to keep going

Enroute to greater fitness, and in its second year, Luther’s exercise program has drawn nearly 400 employee participants, with 200 completing the Route 66 trip to Los Angeles. The 1,410 mile historic route from Illinois to California is charted on computers using hours of exercise, any exercise, in a person’s daily life.

Christine Leo

Christine Leo on the second floor of the parts department, where she got most of her exercise for the fitness program.

Three of the top exercisers completed the trip and kept on going to a second fantasy road trip. Tim Green with inventory control and parts ordering at Luther Family Ford in Fargo stacked up the miles with a whole summer of yard work for two homes. He was also determined to record some exercise every day. Walking for an hour before work or weightlifting at the local YMCA during his lunch hour became a routine. “After a while it becomes a habit … something you look forward to,” said Green. He’s normally active, but this focused effort led to a reduced pants size.

Christine Leo in the parts department at Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge clocked the highest number of hours by walking through four floors of parts to fill orders. And, she walked outside during her breaks. “I think it makes you responsible. When you have some way to track it, you will actually do it,” said Leo.

Jonathan Frami at Luther Brookdale Chevrolet also totaled his daily walking as a detail and lot attendant and also walking his dog. “It is interesting to see just how much time you have put in,” he said.

Jonathan Frami

Encouraged by his wife, Rachel, Jonathan Frami of Luther Brookdale Chevrolet joined the exercise program.

Prizes were awarded at the midway point and at the finish line. Fleece blankets, foldable chairs and trunk organizers were the favorites of these top exercisers. “This fun activity does not leave anyone out and is easy to administer. Congratulations to all who took on the challenge,” said Annette Sinicropi in human resources with Motors Management.

For years, Luther Auto has offered free fitness programs to benefit its employees, and many have enjoyed increased energy levels as a result.

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