The Luther Automotive Group

Packing big: 777,000 meals ship to Haiti

Luther employees, vendors and customers, about 2,300 in all, set a new standard at what’s becoming an annual company food packing event for Kids Against Hunger (KAH), handily exceeding the goal and packing 777,000 meals bound for Haiti.

President David Luther and the planning committee were elated by the results. “Thanks again for everything, and know that we feel enormously blessed to be in association with such amazing, caring people,” said the letter to participants. “You are the heart and soul of our success in this endeavor, and many others, and it is your outstanding recruiting efforts, hard work, and big, big hearts that have allowed the Luther organization to make meaningful contributions to others in need.”

Event results:Kids Against Hunger - Luther in Plymouth
  • Food destination: Haiti
  • Meals packed: 776,952
  • Children fed for a year: 2,128
  • Contributions to Emergency Foodshelf Network and Veterans Airlift Command: $32,373 each

Mike Lloyd, executive director for New Hope-based Kids Against Hunger, said rarely does the organization get the level of involvement it sees with Luther. Planners want to make the event special, he said, and employees and the organization commit a significant amount of time.

“One thing about the packing process is people have a good time and that brings them back for more, so we want to encourage that,” he said.

See full event photos.

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