The Luther Automotive Group

Dog needs home? No problem, says dealer staff

Jan, Jeff and Willy.

Receptionist Jan Tacheny and Jeff McCorkel in finance found a home for Willy, the dachshund.

[Disclaimer: The “We Buy” program does not accept animals, even domesticated house pets.]

At times dealerships go to great lengths to win a customer’s business, but what happens when someone shows up with a dog to give away? For a dachshund at Hudson Chrysler, there are plenty of takers.

With their “wiener dog” Willy in tow, customers shared a dilemma with Jeff McCorkel in finance. They might be moving to Tennessee, and couldn’t take Willy.

When word traveled quickly to Jan Tacheny at the reception desk, she came out to say, “He is gorgeous.” McCorkel, a wiener dog owner himself, joked he could keep the dog in his office. A service advisor with two mini dachshunds was another possibility. In the end, Tacheny won out.

She previously had six wiener dogs when she lived in Tennessee, but gave them up when she moved to Minnesota. Willy would keep company with her female short haired dachshund, Lily. “Maybe it sounds crazy, but maybe it was meant to be.” Tacheny said all the new dog needed was a bath.

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