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Cars of old, special use vehicles, and rare finds that have turned up across the Luther landscape. To suggest a vehicle you own or a car at your store for this feature, please email or call 651-452-9800.

Greeter and detailer Boun Temmerath with Westside VW and Infiniti of Bloomington found the rare Nissan exotic in Woodbury.

1995 Nissan Skyline GTR
  • 1 of 120 legalized in U.S.
  • 400 wheel hp
  • Was Nissan’s flagship
  • Owned by Boun Temmerath
  • Model debuted in 1960s

“The younger generation knows the car and you get a lot of thumbs up and double-takes … people taking pictures. It’s like you’re a celebrity.”

Power flows to all four wheels from a twin-turbo 2.6 liter I-6 stuffed under a carbon fiber hood. So cramped is the engine bay that the car’s battery is in the trunk. “If you talk to any tuner, this is the holy grail of Japanese cars,” Temmerath said.

Drawing on a monster image from its home country, the machine earned the nickname Godzilla for its track performance.

The driver looks further when turning left in this right hand drive car and checks closely for space when going around curves. Turn signals are on the right and wipers on the left.

Boun Temmerath

Boun Temmerath

The price for admission to fourth generation, 1990s Skylines dropped when the near-500 hp Nissan GTR entered the U.S. market in 2008.

The car has a catch can breather system and lowered suspension.

Sound from this custom plated “RYCBRNR” doesn’t rumble like American muscle. It whistles like Japanese speed, says Temmerath.

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