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No spare there? No worries

The ability to change a flat tire used to be an essential skill, but the days of regular flats have been gone for decades. So confident are some carmakers, that they’re taking away spare tires on several models.

“I don’t think anybody really cares,” said Clyde Torvik in sales at Brookdale Buick GMC. “I tell them I ride motorcycle all over the country and I don’t carry a spare tire on that.”

Clyde Torvik in sales at Brookdale Buick GMC with a 4-cylinder Buick LaCrosse, which has a tire inflator kit instead of a spare tire. Some GM and Hyundai models only offer spares as an option.

Even a retired police officer, who has changed many tires, wasn’t bothered that the Buick LaCrosse he was considering has an inflator kit only in the spare tire bin below the trunk floor, Torvik explains. Many rely on roadside assistance. Torvik, who has been selling for 18 years, said they’ve had more comments about the compact versus full size spare tires.

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